October 2022

It is the end of the month, and you’d never know it, because my blog is blank, so I better get busy.

Day one, the kids came over, and everyone had a fine time doing I forget what.
Day three, my throat felt a little funny, but I went ahead and had my fun anyway.
Day five, I was sick. Not terribly, terribly sick, mind you, but plenty sick for me. I didn’t like it at all.
We don’t know what it was, but we do know what it wasn’t, so — who knows?
Anyway, it went away.

I took Mary to her first auction, and this happened.

Celia has baby boys and, ‘of course’, I couldn’t wait to go to Atlanta to see them in person. I wanted nothing more than to pat their little bottoms, look into their little eyes, and stroke their silken hair. Introduce myself, as it were.
“Which one is this?”, I’d ask.
“Not sure”, they’d say.
I gotta admit: they are adorable at a distance.
You just watch. Somebody in the big city is going to get sick, and they’re going to blame it on me.

Even when you’re walking in the park,
it’s no walk in the park.

Linux AMD proprietary graphics drivers.
Five words that should never be used in a sentence.
If you google it, you get things like:
“Unresponsive blank screen”
“Downgrade your kernel to 5.8. Boot.
Uninstall the 5.15 image. Boot.
Update grub. Boot.
Try again.”
Let’s just say I’ve had a bad few days, and not a lot to show for it.

The Internet of Things is here.
It’s Real!

In recent days, not one, but two folk have pointed me to videos of Google’s new ping pong playing robot, and I’m thinking to myself:
God damn it. I’ve been working on C3PR for 8 years now, always tantalizingly close to my next breakthrough and, just when victory is within my grasp, some god-forsaken flyspeck corporation throws a bunch of money and PhDs at the problem and comes up with a g3pr of it’s own?
And brags about it!
Hah! You call that a robot?
You call that a swat?  Hah!
You just watch. I’m going to get C3PR working, and I’m going to whup their butts.
As always, my next breakthrough is just around the corner.

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