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Save the Beams part III

If you read Save the Beams or Save the Beams part II, you know we’re reclaiming a bunch of the wood from the Green house for use in the new one. Normal wood lovers just go to the reclaimed wood … Continue reading

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Using old wood

When I started out working wood, I used only ‘perfect’ boards. Straight grain, knot free, smooth-planed wood. Nice stuff. The first time I stepped ‘out of the box,’ I needed a board to enclose the lights above the kitchen sink in Westford … Continue reading

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October update

If I had taken on the plumbing and done it like I’m doing the electricity, we’d be skunked. Not that I’m doing a bad job on the electrical, but it’s taking me forever. Bernie said (and this was a couple … Continue reading

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My Windows phone is a piece of shit

I bought my windows phone because it is a smart phone with good tethering capabilities and because it has a primo telecoil mode. And both of those work great, except that, starting  when my data plan changed, I need special permission … Continue reading

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The roof system has been screwed up from the get-go. When we started, a birds-eye view of the roof was going to be a Z-shape, with a gable over the garage doors and the kitchen. This has a lot going … Continue reading

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