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Meet the Barn

In particle physics, the cross sectional area of a uranium nucleus , about 10-28m2, is called  a ‘Barn’ because, in that context, it’s huge:  ‘As big as a barn.’ (And, according to the Zurich Naming Scheme for Nuclear Cross Sections, … Continue reading

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Framing. Part I

My apologies to all my readers for recent radio silence. I tried to do something fancy with my site and screwed it up in the process. It took 10 days to get it running again, and the fix was to move … Continue reading

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Week 7: Slabs

Honestly, I’m not totally sure that this is week 7, because some of these tasks have been spilling over on one another, but it’s pretty close. All this time, we’ve been thinking that Bernie is going to get to work … Continue reading

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Week 6: Septic

Now that they know how deep the hole thru the foundation for wastewater is, they started building the septic system. We knew this when a steady stream of dump trucks began arriving at dawn.  I think he said 14 loads of mound sand … Continue reading

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