My Windows phone is a piece of shit

I bought my windows phone because it is a smart phone with good tethering capabilities and because it has a primo telecoil mode. And both of those work great, except that, starting  when my data plan changed, I need special permission to tether. Fuck that.

And the camera is no good either. It’s possible that I am simply not much of a photographer, but I’m assuming that I should be able to pretty much point and shoot, using the default settings and get a decent picture. Can’t do it. Everything is blurry and dark every time, no matter what I do. And when I’m taking an inside shot in the daytime, and a window is in the frame, the light washes out the entire shot.

But suppose it took a good picture and you want to save it. You go to SkyDrive, right? Works great except that Microsoft is not supporting Skydrive on XP, and both of my PC’s are XP.

So you look for another cloud sharing service. Like Google Drive. Only to find that there are Google Drive apps for iPhone and Android, but not for Windows phones. So I’m screwed.

And the apps suck too. If you were an app developer, would you code for iPhone, Android, or Microsoft? I am a dyed-in-the-wool Reverse Polish Notation user, and I was thrilled to find an app for my phone that looks and works exactly like a 1974-era HP-45 (The GUI is, in fact, a photo of an HP-45, with the keys activated) The thing is that it doesn’t implement the RPN right, so you can hit all the right keys, but you can’t trust the answer. 

And the GPS app I’ve got shuts itself off without saving as soon as you put it in your pocket, and it doesn’t orient the map based on which direction you’re facing.

And it’s too stupid to be called a smart phone. After years of frustration, Dad has finally figured out how to attach photos to his emails. His first batch were named 100-0066.jpg &c. But when you tap the file name to open it, it sees the 3+4 format of the file name and thinks it’s a phone number instead of a picture and wants to call the number. 

So now Microsoft is coming out with a tablet of its own and a touch-based OS. Sell your shares!

Flame off.

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